19 Social Media Tips for your Small Business


  1. Use the same username on all platforms
  2. Have follow buttons on your website
  3. Make a list of your competitors and industry leaders to study their patterns
  4. Post Daily (on all platforms)
  5. Use easy social share buttons for WordPress (easy plugin)
  6. Use a scheduler like Buffer and Hootsuite
  7. Study analytics to find popularity trends  
  8. Be relatable – human
  9. Make your profile look professional and inviting
  10. Interact with your followers
  11. Remember Facebook loves Facebook
  12. Put yourself in your followers shoes
  13. 80% value – 20% promotions  
  14. Maximize reach with post timing
  15. Only use platforms that make sense  
  16. Mix up content medium – info graphics – quotes – questions – polls
  17. Link to your website from all of your profiles (more traffic and subscribers)
  18. Brand your images and videos – so if people share they see you not just your images
  19. Make sharers look good by giving them great things to share (make sure you watermark your images)