25 tips to get more instagram followers

  1. Buy them. With there being sites like https://quantummarketer.com/buy-instagram-followers/, the option of buying followers is made easily available to anyone looking to grow their following online.
  2. Improve your photography – it is a visual platform – to get reposted – personal photos help
  3. Develop a consistent editing style – lightroom – visco app came – file – apply every time
  4. Be an active instagrammer – comment and interact – don’t be spammy
  5. Interact with the right people – people in the same topic that you are posting about. If you see that there are people who you want to interact with, but can’t due to privacy issues. Then you can easily get around this by making use of things like a Private Instagram Viewer. This way it’s a lot easier for you to interact with them.
  6. Change your profile picture – represents you – looks inviting
  7. Optimize your bio…..first thing people see – fun memorable – creative, you may also want to link all of your other platforms you use in your bio link using a tool to allow you to publish more than the one link that is allowed, you’ll also want to do this with every other platform, ideally creating one big link circle, allowing your followers on other platforms to migrate if they haven’t already.
  8. Use all the hashtags – THAT IS 30! Use what you have been given
  9. Use the right hashtags – research research research
  10. Geotag your images – image location inclusion.
  11. Experiment with captions – try long try short…..
  12. Include a call to action – ASK QUESTIONS
  13. Tag other people in your images
  14. Stay on topic –
  15. Work in big trending topics (women day – human rights day – international women’s day….)
  16. Keep a consistent posting schedule
  17. Post at the right time (lunch and before going to bed)
  18. Switch to a business account (to get stats and analytics)
  19. Listen to the analytics
  20. Reply to your comments
  21. Use instagram stories – more recognition instead of the chronological feed (use all the features – instagram likes that)
  22. Use instagram live
  23. Post more videos (BIG TREND OF 2018) –
  24. Promote your instagram on other mediums
  25. Partner with other creators