5 Trends That Will Change The Way Your Customers Shop In 2018

Online Shopping in Canada alone will reach roughly $39 billion by 2019 almost double what was spent in 2016. Is your online store ready? I can help you with design, development and marketing.

There is a great article in Forbes this week by Harley Finkelstein. It is amazing what is in-store for us this year…is your online shop ready? If you need more information on the world of eCommerce, you can check out https://www.salesforce.com/products/commerce-cloud/resources/what-is-ecommerce/ for some hints and tips.

Ultimately, there is no denying that online stores have taken the world by storm over the past few years. Nowadays it is possible to buy just about anything from an eCommerce store. You can even go here to look for coupons and promo codes that you can use on these online stores to bag yourself a great deal – it’s so easy! For example, one of my best friends runs an online store for a software company. Moreover, software, whether it is sold as a service (SaaS) or via CD or DVD is a multibillion-dollar business, with new vendors and solutions popping up all the time.

However, just because you have developed an amazing app or solution, this does not guarantee that your software will be successful. So how can you increase your chances of getting your software or other digital products and services purchased? One important step that you can take to boost sales of digital products is to make them available in as many different countries as possible. Opening your business up to global customers is strongly recommended in the fast-paced digital industry.

Accordingly, being able to process global payments on your eCommerce website can often prove to be highly advantageous. To learn more about the importance of accepting global payments when selling digital products online, head to the FastSpring website.

Looking for even more eCommerce tips? The Forbes article mentioned talks about 5 key points:

  1. Experiential shopping, minus the gimmics
  2. Next level personalization
  3. AR that’s actually useful (and AI that’s not annoying)
  4. Mobile goes mainstream
  5. Social shopping (finally) finds its niche

Take a look at the article and be sure to let us know your thoughts. We would love to hear about your own experiences running an eCommerce store, especially if you are a seller of digital products like software.