“It was such a relief to connect with Kenda. When she began working on my website I finally started to see the transformation I had been hoping for, she took it from good to great in a very short time. I knew all the components I wanted to have, and Kenda had the vision and expertise to create a site I truly love. I love the functionality of it and the layout. And throughout the whole process she made herself available for any questions or concerns. The entire process was truly enjoyable and in the end I have a website that has garnered me accolades and new business.” 

— Tonia

Tonia’s love of food began while studying in France’s Loire Valley. A year of exquisite French cuisine inspired her to enrol in the Culinary Arts; after an impressive period at some well-regarded restaurants she was offered the position of Head Chef at the Canadian Embassy in Rome. A spontaneous departure lead to four years of incredible culinary memories, one being a gala dinner for the Queen of England. Much time was also spent visiting Europe’s famous wine regions; a great supplement to her studies towards certification with the Italian Sommelier Guild.