So you bought a wordpress template….NOW WHAT

I have so many business owners contact me saying that they have worked hours upon hours trying to build their own website. They say “the commercials make it seem so easy….but I have lost so much time trying to be a web guru when I am actually a ENTER YOUR JOB TITLE HERE.”

My love is design and my preference is building a site from the ground up starting with design comps and branding, but I also hate to see other business owners STRUGGLE!

Contact me if you need help getting your “chosen wordpress template” live – or if you would just like to spend a few hours together where I can teach you the basics of how to use your wordpress site.

Yes wordpress is a great platform – and yes it will be easy for you to maintain your web presence but you need to LEARN how to do it first.
Stop spending hour after hour pulling your hair out.

Give me a call and tell us what stage you are at and we can tell you what we can do to quickly get you live and less frustrated. NOW BREATHE!