Working as a team to build your business


"Building a business today can present challenges and knowing ones strengths and weaknesses is so important. I have been in business for 4 years now and am thriving as most of my business is all referrals. I always say that a referral is the best compliment. However, it does not happen overnight or without the help of key resources, that you can find on websites such as Tinkerpop, as well as other business based articles.

It's very much a joint effort across all of the business's departments. One of the most important areas of the business that keeps the whole operation ticking over, financially speaking, is of course accounting. Most business owners find it a lot better to have a dedicated and experienced CPA on hand to handle this rather than attempt to tackle it themselves, along with the million and one other things that they must do. There's more info online about these dedicated accounting services which could prove integral to the success of your business.

Whilst some businesses might prefer to have an accounting team on their side, other entrepreneurs will feel more comfortable doing this themselves. For any businesses dealing with their finances themselves, it might be useful to consider investing in some cash flow analysis software from That helps entreprenuers to track their cash flow, allowing them to predict their finances at the end of the year. This can help them with accounting, so it might be worthwhile looking into that software.

Anyway, when I reached out to Kiwibcreative a few years ago for help in building and designing my website, little did I know how much I would rely on her expertise. She is and has been phenomenal! I learnt from her the importance of brand identity. I realized that my company’s image needed to sit right with my target audience and that in turn would promote my fledgling business. There are a lot of aspects that go into creating a brand conscious website such as color palette, imagery, logo choices etc. A more in-depth understanding of these aspects can be found on Simply put, the right brand identity makes it easier to attract new clients.

Since working together, I have now employed Kiwibcreative to be my marketing and PR guru! I could probably do this on my own and about half as effectively, as she knows I tried, but just don’t have the right amount of time or expertise in this field. I could not be happier with Kiwibcreative running this side of my business for me. We collaborate together, but now I can focus more directly on my clients and know that Kiwibcreative is taking care of my Marketing. I do and will continue to highly recommend Kenda for any web design, marketing and PR. "